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Training Services

A study and training centre for students of all ages, businessmen and professionals. Highly educative, exciting and the most beneficial course for students of all ages. Our institute is widely known for offering quality education and for making every student shine in their academics. As there is no use in scoring less marks in this competitive world, Join our camp and become a top scorer. Our education system is widely known for the following reasons:

Scientific Study Techniques:

Learn how to read, how long to read, what to read, how to memorize and how to express your thoughts clearly. Learn the most scientific and result oriented study techniques and enjoy your studies. Super Memory Power: “Our knowledge is nothing but our remembrance”. Memory is life and life is memory. You need a good memory to conquer exams and to become successful in all areas of life. Rather than what your read, what you remember is important to make you wise. Concentration is an art of mental involvement in one particular activity. Concentration and understanding go hand in hand. Learn the art of concentration and achieve excellence.

Vedic & Fun in Maths ::

Learn fast additions, subtractions, rapid multiplications, divisions, speed maths squares and square root techniques and become a master in maths.

Handwriting and Calligraphy:

Handwriting is an art of the hand. A good hand-writing makes your written communication easy to understand and fetches good marks in the examinations. Answering a paper is your intellectual face; make it more attractive with good handwriting and calligraphy skills.

Creative Thinking:

If you think big, you will become big. Learn the art of creative thinking, explore your ideas, enlarge your imagination, expand your vision and achieve big.

Exam Skills & Strategies:

Learn to exhibit your best performance in the examinations. Apply various skills, tricks and strategies, shoot up your confidence, score good marks and relish your examination to the fullest.

Rank Achieving:

Rank Achieving is not impossible, it is highly possible. We have got a powerful brain, learn to use it fully, develop concentration, sharpen your observation, shoot up your memory, understand questions properly, apply exam strategies, and score good marks and bag ranks in the exams.

Goal Settling:

A successful person is one who successfully achieves his goal within a measurable time frame. Learn to set and reach your goal systematically and effectively.

Time Management:

Time is money, time is many and time is everything. Time misspent cannot be re-gained, only way to gain the best out of your time is to spend it usefully, wisely and economically, which is impossible without good time management.


We provide individual counseling, analyzing the strength and weakness of a student, and provide guidance to overcome their flaws.


Explore your worth and enjoy each movement of your Professional life without any fear, tension and worries below are the following reasons:

Positive Thinking:

Learn to think and act positively to enjoy positive results in your life.

Creative Thinking:

Learn to improve your imagination power. Explore your ideas to enrich your mind power through creative thinking.

Communication Skills:

Learn how to increase your skills to transmit your ideas, facts and information systematically and effectively to influence your customers, clients and friends


Enrich your mind power with the help of highly effective memory techniques.

Human Relationships:

Learn the fundamental techniques in handling and influencing people. Learn to create a likable atmosphere around you.

  1. Prasanna Hegde is called a walking calculator, as can solve any mathematical problem in no time. He also takes study technique, memory and vedic mathematics courses throughout India. He has invented a new study and memory technique, by adopting these skills; even ordinary students have also become rank students. He has trained more than 50000 people. He is the first person to start scientific and innovative classes for direct II PUC students. He is a great trainer and the best motivator.