There is a reason for failure and a way for success. Our Experts will analyze the reason for failure and show you a right path of Success.

Features of the Supplementary Coaching

  1. Excellent coaching with printed notes
  2. Doubt Clarifications
  3. Wonderful tips to improve Memory
  4. Sufficient tests
  5. Individual Attention
  6. Wonderful Result
  7. Experienced Lecturers
  8. Center near to city Bus Stand


Subjects: PCMB, CS, Accounts, Stats, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, English, Hindi & Kannada


The total number of students who appeared for the exam is 6,79,061 and the passed is 3,55,697. The pass percentage is 52.38%. Students are hereby requested to be positive.

But a low score of marks is a normal part of life. If you never, ever suffer a failure, then you’re probably not pushing yourself to your full potential. Often, it’s only through failure that we eventually meet with success. Don’t rush into making hasty decisions- but do look for a forward path. That might require some deep thinking.

“Edison failed 10, 000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times.” Start studying with all interest and have enough confidence that you can do it this time.